Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

It's Not That It Doesn't Work, You are Just Doing It Wrong!

As the importance of social media in our society continues to grow, lawyers everywhere are beginning to realize the importance of reaching out to potential clients socially, however, it doesn't happen overnight. Any social media marketing campaign goes thorough a process of growth. Not only will joining social media and declaring you are a lawyer not help you, it will hurt you in the eyes of potential clients. If you use social media correctly, you could find higher returns than you felt possible. Social media is an area where people want to connect with other people, not feel like they are being advertised to, that is why it takes a knowledgeable and expertly crafted social media marketing campaign to put your best foot forward.

At 0to60 Marketing we provide a complete range of social media marketing services for lawyers and law establishments around the globe. With our fingertips watching the pulse of every social platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other emerging platforms), we have mastered how to effectively deliver marketing messages for law firms. Our organization is by lawyers for lawyers. We are former legal professionals who understand the best ways to promote a law business.

Social media is like walking a tight rope, and you have more important things to worry about than saying the wrong thing and being shunned on Facebook. 0ot60 Marketing know exactly how to connect with your market via social media platforms and turn them into a loyal client base. We begin by conducting extensive research into your target market and then crafting an online campaign that generates the required response.

Contact us today for more information on our social media services, and how we can use it to grow your client base.

SMM for Lawyers

Experienced PPC Management Specialist

Social Media is big business and there is no question that it is here to stay. 0 to 60 Marketing are social media experts in helping to see which of the Social Networks are relevant for your law.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media sites can bring in a truckload of customers simply by creating an engaging conversation.

We specialize in helping business owners build their online community through social media. We work with you to set up the best strategy for your company. We do EVERYTHING for you.


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