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Internet Marketing For Small Law Firms

Just because you're small doesn't mean you can't show up big online!

As a small law firm, it is probably hard for you to compete online with the larger law firms for one reason only: YOUR BUDGET! You can't afford to compete simply because it doesn't make sense economically. 0to60 Marketing was created to help you compete with the larger law firms for a fraction of the cost of other legal marketing companies. We work with you to come up with a marketing strategy that will produce results and help your law firm grow. Contact us today to see if you area is still available.

Affordable Legal Marketing Services For Sole Practitioners


Did you know that consumers associate your website to your law firm? What that means is that if you have a great-looking website, then the consumer believes you are a great attorney. If you have a bad-looking website, then they assume you are a bad attorney. Having a website that is optimized to look good and be found is critical for your business online. We build you a great-looking lawyer website that converts visitors into conversions. We are experts at building lawyer's SEO-equipped websites that are designed for maximum conversions.


Website design, SEO, and local SEO for lawyers can take some time. While most lawyer marketing companies don't provide results for their clients until everything is done, we use different legal marketing tactics to generate leads for your business ASAP. We setup a sponsored link campaign for your business that is laser-focused on specific keywords in Houston that consumers are specifically searching for. This allows you to get exposure immediately throughout Houston, and the best thing about this tactic is that it is included in your lawyer marketing package.


Ranking in the local map section is a great way to attract more leads quickly because it is prime real estate online and it has different ranking factors than the organic section. We understand and practice what it takes to rank higher in search engines for Houston searches. We know all the directories for lawyers, backlinks for lawyers, citations for lawyers, and we focus heavily on representing your business professionally. Get on the first page for your main area of practice through the map section.


We help you come up with a social media strategy. One of the ways we do this is by posting videos about your firm. A video about your firm that is posted on sites like Youtube and Vimeo is a great way to get your business more exposure. The best thing about our strategy is that you don't need to hire anyone to shoot your videos. You can simply shoot them from a smartphone and you still will have the same effect.

5. Website Analytics

We have the tools and expertise to provide extensive and detailed statistics regarding your website. Find out how your prospects are finding you. Stats range from backlinks, links clicked, conversion rates, referral links, phone calls and much, much more.

6. Local Search

Get maximum exposure by ranking for multiple keywords. People often search for attorneys with various keyword search terms. Your best chance to attract as many leads as possible is to be found for as many keywords as possible. We help you out with that. 0to60 Marketing is the leading local legal marketing company.

7. Professional Legal Blog

A blog site for attorneys is critical for two major reasons. 1) Blogs help attorneys attract higher-end clients because affluent people are more likely to find and read your blog topic. 2) Blogging is a great way to get more exposure online since the search engines love great and fresh content. We have the experience and expertise to create a blog for your law firm that will represent your company in a positive, integrated and professional matter. We can help with the creation as well as writing and design. Blogs are essential to increasing online exposure. Our platform allows you to create unlimited posts and unlimited categories for your business.

SEO For Small Law Firms

We Make Small Law Firms Look Big Online!

100% All-In-One Local Internet Marketing. Our local internet marketing campaigns are a combination of search engine optimization, local maps optimization and paid search advertising.

Our local internet marketing campaigns contain all the elements for real local results, which includes high-converting websites, professional/rich content development, sponsor link exposure, social media marketing exposure and of course, aggressive local SEO.

We have consolidated all the tools your business needs to convert and attract more customers in simple and easy user interface that supports all business sizes.


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