SEO for Lawyers

SEO for Lawyers

If My SEO Is Done Right, Will It Help My Law Firm? "IF YES, CALL US!"

Every law firm needs clients and cases to stay in business and let's face it, one of the best ways to attract more clients is from online marketing. That is why it is critical that you choose a SEO company that has experience in the legal industry and also has proven results. You also want to make sure that your are not stuck in a long term agreement or paying way too much. We can't tell you how many times we have spoken to an attorney that thought their internet marketing was working but was paying way too much in their market. 0to60 Marketing has helped small and big law firms attract more business through SEO.

You're here because you probably have a general idea of what SEO is about but the thing is you are still hesitant as to whether your law firm should do SEO. Maybe you had a past experience with another SEO company, or it was too expensive. Whatever you reason, the one question you should ask yourself is this: If my SEO is done right, will it impact my business? If the answer is YES we need to talk ASAP.

One of the biggest advantages from working with us is that we are a small enough company to give you that personal care but experienced enough to give you results just like any big law firm. We also are very affordable compared to other legal marketing companies. You will rarely find a better deal pound for pound than our website and SEO solutions. The best thing is that we are a ROI driven company. We educate you on the key metrics to hold us accountable to and if we don't deliver then you can fire us. We feel comfortable saying that because we are 100% transparent and thrive on educating you on the key metrics of SEO and how we help you attract more clients.

As an SEO Company in the legal industry, 0to60 Marketing recognizes that each state, each city and each town have their own idiosyncrasies for marketing their law firm and approach. From Houston to Dallas, Wisconsin to Illinois or California to New York we offer SEO solutions to accommodate the specific needs and requirements that suit your individual market. Our most common question to our prospective clients is "what do YOU need from us?" With this client centric approach, our business partnerships are conducted as if we are an employee of YOUR Company! Choose 0to60 Marketing today as your "in house" SEO manager.

Having a website and social media accounts will not pass as an effective online presence. Your website needs to be found and appreciated. If your target customers can't find your website, then your business is as good as non-existent. Online, competition is getting tougher for business each day! SEO is just one of the factors that will lift your business up and make it stand out among the ocean of competing businesses. Now, if there's anything you can do to have a more profitable law firm, wouldn't you say why not to it? Let's talk and see if we can help you.

SEO for Lawyers

SEO is a big decision. "Make sure you get it right!"

In this industry where most legal SEO firms claim they are the best and promise to put your website on page one of search engines, 0to60 Marketing chooses to do exactly the opposite. We don't claim. We never promise. We just deliver.

Knowledge, experience and skills - 0to60 Marketing has them all as our SEO background will show. But we know they are nothing because nothing works permanently with search engine optimization. Search engines continuously update and improve their algorithms. Everything about SEO should be relearned and improved over and over again.

Our creative approach to SEO is what sets us apart from competitors. We know that the key to beating search engines is not to keep up with them but get ahead of them consistently. We don't settle for tested ways. We never get tired of improving our game and coming up with new and better ways







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