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Lawyer Marketing and Website Design for Attorneys in San Antonio

Fighting for visibility online among all the competition may feel like trying to defend the Alamo against an entire army. Though the feat may seem bleak, it is far from impossible. With 0to60 Marketing, you can win the battle and rise above your competition in search engine rankings.

With more and more people searching online for services, your law firm would do well to take advantage of the potential for internet visibility. If your firm is currently not making the first page of results in relevant searches, then there is room for improvement. This rise is rankings can increase your visibility by over 200%! That makes for more leads and more clients. All of this is made possible by our staff of SEO experts.

How Will SEO Help My Firm?

Search Engine Optimization is how your website communicates with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. These engines use complex algorithms to interpret your page so as to discover who you are and what you offer. These algorithms will then rate your website on overall quality, which directly affects your rank in searches. The way these algorithms work, however, is not in a way you'd immediately expect. They do not see a page the same way a person does and therefor can have a very different opinion of it than a regular user would. That is why so many websites can seem strong once they have been entered, but are not pulling the traffic they should be in the first place.

If your law firm's website was created by a person or company that is not fluent in SEO, it will need a redesign if it is to bring in more business. Our web designers at 0to60 Marketing can create a new website in 60 days or less that will be appealing, functional and SEO-equipped. Our services are affordable and broad. We can cover any aspect of internet marketing needed, from search engine advertising to social media marketing. If you are ready for your firm to start bringing in more leads from online, contact 0to60 Marketing today to set up a free one-hour consultation.

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