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Lawyer Marketing, SEO, and Web Design for Attorneys in Midland

Midland has had the privilege of claiming many national figures as its own. Can it also claim to be the home of highly-successful lawyers? If this is a recognition that your firm is not currently able to hold, 0to60 Marketing can help you get there. We are an internet marketing company that specializes in supplying affordable services to law firms that increase their client base. We understand that the main reason law firms tend to not have as much business as they should is that the company website is holding them back. Our expertise in SEO can fix this issue.

What Is SEO?

First and foremost, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what a website needs to rank well within search results. It is a craft that comes from years of study and experience. Our experts at 0to60 have been in the business for over a decade and have helped numerous lawyers increase their business. SEO works because major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use algorithms to interpret websites and rate them based on perceived quality. Only SEO experts understand the complex ways in which this occurs and are able to optimize a website to appear favorably to these algorithms. If your current website was not built by an SEO professional, it will need a remodel to rank higher and increase traffic.

Where you rank in searches is directly linked to how many website visits you’ll get and calls you’ll receive. To improve your online presence, 0to6 Marketing offers a variety of services that are designed to complement each other and grow your client base. These can include social media marketing, PPC, content writing, and of course, SEO. If you are ready for your law firm to become more successful, contact us today and schedule a free one-hour consultation. Our prices are lower than other legal marketing companies and our bundles can fit the budget of any large or small firm.

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