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Internet Marketing and Web Design for Lawyer in Denton

While Denton may boast of its traditional and historic background, there is one thing that is sure to be history: traditional marketing. With over 90% of people going online to search for services, marketing is not what it used to be. While this is hard to accept for some, those who embrace it are reaping the benefits of the switch. Lawyers all across the country are turning to SEO and internet marketing to increase their business, and they are not left disappointed. Let 0to0 Marketing take you there.

What SEO Can Do For You

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what internet marketing experts use to cause your website to appear more favorably to search engines. The reason SEO is needed is because major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use algorithms to read your website in a way that is foreign to a regular person. These algorithms use complex codes to determine the quality of your website as well as who, what and where you are. If your website was made by someone who is not an SEO expert, it is probably sending mixed signals as well as having the weakness of being structured in a way that algorithms do not like. All of this leads to your website ranking low in searches. Even being on page two of search results makes you lose out on 75% of potential clients.

As a lawyer, you likely don’t have the spare time to become an SEO expert. That is why we are here. Our professional staff at 0to60 Marketing offers a team of SEO experts, competent content writers, skilled web designers and more. Our experts have been in the business for over 10 years and specifically cater to law firms. Through our experience, we know exactly what you need to start pulling more traffic thorough your website and to your office. We can even produce a completely new website in 60 days that will be functional, appealing, engaging and SEO-equipped. If you are ready to start getting more clicks, calls and clients, contact us at 0to60 today to set up a free one-hour consultation. We are ready to take you to the top!

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