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Lawyer Marketing, SEO, and Website Building for Lawyers in Dallas

Lawyers everywhere are picking up their game and improving their online visibility. They understand that nowadays, that is the number one way to get found. Is your firm being left behind? Unless your website has been tailored for optimal communication with search engines, these engines will not likely present your firm to the majority of your potential customers. Don’t give up or close your doors. Turn to the SEO experts at 0to60 Marketing.

SEO Is Important To Your Legal Business

Search Engine Optimization may sound like something that is beyond the scope of a law firm’s website, but this is far from the case. Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will read and evaluate your website using their own specific and complex algorithms. These algorithms decipher who you are, what you are about and the quality of your website, which then gives your site a rating. This rating translates to search rankings. It is essential that your website appear high on the list in search engines to improve your visibility because the majority of people searching for services online won’t even go past page one of results. If potential customers can’t even find your website, then there is hardly a point in having it.

We understand that as a lawyer, your plate is already full and you can’t afford to spend time trying to decode algorithms. However, you can’t afford to ignore this aspect either. This is where 0to60 Marketing steps in. Our internet marketing team consists of SEO experts, writers, web designers and more. In fact, we can build you a completely new and appealing website in less than 60 days. This new website will be fully SEO-equipped to make sure your site is communicating effectively with search engines and showing up among the top of results. The more people who can access your website, the more leads you will have. Our goal is to increase your client base while taking the load of internet marketing off your shoulders.

You can contact us today to schedule a free one-hour consultation. Our services are very affordable and much lower than the competition, and our packages can suit small or large law firms. If you’re ready to start bringing in more clients from online, 0to60 Marketing is the answer.

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