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Lawyer Marketing and Web Design for Attorneys in Austin

Part of the “keep Austin weird” motto is about not letting the big business beat out the little business. If you are a legal firm who has found it hard to compete for clients against some of the larger firms, you can keep your doors open and that Austin spirit going strong with 0to60 Marketing. We are an internet marketing company that uses SEO and other strategies to get people to notice your law firm, even in the midst of competition.

Thousands of people go online every day to search for legal services. To date, the stats tell us these people account for 90% of everyone seeking legal help. With such a tide in favor of a strong online presence, don’t you want your firm to be found? While your website may be showing up on page two of search results, you can gain up to three times the exposure by getting to page one. 0to60 Marketing can take you there.

How SEO Can Help Your Law Firm

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use complex algorithms as a way to communicate with your website. If this communication has a good result, they will give you a better ranking within relevant searches. If it is not so good, then your website will simply be lost in the rabbit hole of internet searches. The tricky part is that major search engines do not read your website the same way a person would. While you or a customer may like what they see once they get on your website, if your site wasn’t created by someone who is fluent in SEO, a search engine’s algorithm may be picking up all kinds of different, potentially negative, signals.

The team at 0to60 Marketing understands how these search engines function and can optimize your website to ensure the best possible communication is taking place so that your website appears higher in search results. We can even built you a fresh, appealing website in 60 days or less. The services we offer are all-encompassing for internet marketing so you won’t have to worry about anything. With 0to60, you won’t have to worry about your budget, either. Our packages are affordable and can be built to suit any small or large law firm. Contact us today to schedule a free and personalized one-hour consultation. We look forward to improving your business.

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