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Web Design and Internet Marketing for Lawyers in Amarillo

If your Amarillo-based law firm could use a boost to increase its client base, an SEO renovation may be just was your business needs. There are thousands of people using the internet every day to search for legal services. 0to60 Marketing’s SEO experts can make sure you’re being found.

Thousands of lawyers from across the states are realizing the importance of having a strong website. Whether you’re business grows or has to close its doors can be greatly influenced by this. The fact is that 90% of people will use the internet to find a lawyer, but the vast majority of them will not go past the first page of search results. This is why it is crucial that your firm’s website show up on this first page within relevant searches. If people cannot find you, then your website might as well not exist.

SEO Will Grow Your Business

People and search engines read webpages very differently from each other. You’re website may look good to you, but it may be a disaster to a search engine. Google, Bing and Yahoo use algorithms to understand what you’re website is trying to communicate about who you are and what you’re about. They then use this information to rate your website to determine where it will appear within searches. If your current website was not created by someone who is fluent in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then is not contributing to your business.

At 0to60 Marketing, we have web designers that can build you a new, attractive website that is fully functional and SEO-equipped in 60 days or less. Our designs are being used by successful lawyers across the country. The services we offer are affordable and encompass many aspects of internet marketing. If you would like your website to start bringing in more clients for your firm, contact us today to schedule a free one-hour consultation.

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